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Dawnforge April Joy Winners

This evening on the live stream, I was joined by Moogyver, creator of the Spare Parts segment for All Things Azeroth, Stormi of the I’d Rather be Leveling podcast, and Hasteur of The Internet Humor and Mirth Show to announce the winners of the April Joy Contest. Between Retweets, emails, follows and likes, the contest saw over 2,500 entries. The contest gave away over $700 in prizes across the 17 different winners. I would like to thank the following companies for their support in this contest. Audible, SmugMug, Doghouse Systems, J!nx, Taverncraft, and MMO-Mumble.

Now, to the winners. The following people, in order, were drawn to win the runner up prizes. Each runner up gets to choose, in order of drawing, one of the following prizes:

  • Gryphon plushie pet(Value $25)
  • 30 Day WoW game card(Value $15)
  • One of 5 copies of Napolean: Total War(Courtesy DogHouse Systems)(Value $30)
  • One of 6 $15 J!nx gift codes*
  • $15 iTunes gift card

*To win a J!nx gift code, you must either like the J!nx fan page on Facebook or sign up for their newsletter.

The runners up are:

  1. insideoutcast via Twitter
  2. moogyver via Facebook
  3. spankfest via download
  4. rzbg via Twitter
  5. dixbri via Twitter
  6. bliky via Twitter
  7. Jon Parish via Facebook
  8. Rzorblayd via Twitter
  9. Tommy Eastman via Facebook
  10. Lish Lindsay via Facebook
  11. Joshua Kavanagh via Facebook
  12. bardicmelody via Twitter
  13. funky_si via Twitter
  14. Matthew Palmer via Facebook
  15. skolnickwho via Twitter

The runner up for the contest, winning:

  • Warcraft Action Figure – Reghar(Value $16)
  • 1 Warcraft in game pet(Value $10)
  • Napolean: Total War (Courtesy DogHouse Systems)(Value $30)
  • The remaining copy of Just Cause 2 or Mafia II(Courtesy DogHouse Systems)(Value $20-$30)

is… n00ks from the All Things Azeroth live show!


Finally, the grand prize. The prize package includes:

  • Taverncraft Alliance 2 mug set(courtest Taverncraft)(Value $40)
  • 1 Year Pro account from SmugMug(value $150)
  • $15 iTunes gift card
  • 1 Warcraft in game pet(Choice of Lil’ Rag, or Lil’ XT)(Value $10)
  • 3 month MMO-Mumble subscription(Courtesy MMO-Mumble)(Value $15)
  • Napolean: Total War(Courtesy DogHouse Systems)(Value $30)
  • Either Just Cause 2 or Mafia II(Courtesy DogHouse Systems)(Value $20-$30)

The winner is… Khristin! Khristin is an officer in the Heroes of Lordaeron, the All Things Azeroth show guild, and entered via downloading the show.

Congratulations to all of our winners. The winners will be contacted in order to choose their prize. Thank you all for your participation!